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Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer
This machine has a structure of horizontal shell, double spindles and several paddles. The mixer body is w-shaped and has a spraying and liquid-adding device on the top where materials are feed. After mixing, materials are discharged from the bottom.
Grain Hammer Mill
Base: Heavy-duty base serves to connect and support all parts of mill, reduce vibration, improve reliability and prolong service life. The grinded material is discharged from the outlet on its bottom.
V-type Premix Mixer
One end of the machine is equipped with a motor and a reducer. The motor power is transmitted to the reducer through the belt, and the reducer is transmitted to the V-bucket through the coupling. Continuously operate the V-shaped barrel to drive the mater
Pasture Hammer Mill
Compact structure, motor direct connection, Side full width feeding with material conveyorBuilt-in widened rotor is adopted, and the ultra-thick wear-resistant hammer is scientifically arranged, and the crushing granularity is uniform.
Single Shaft Mixer
The paddle on the rotor of the SDHJ Series Single Shaft Mixer is the helical and inclined type, the gap between the paddle and the inner plate of machine body is adjustable.
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